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Due to its longevity gold is considered a worthy asset to buy. It is highly likely that people hold their gold as a form of investment and uses it whenever the need arises. The needs can vary from individual to individual, for example, buying property, handling major health expenses, events like marriage, educational expenses, however naïve it may sound but vacation is also one of the factors where people can try to disinvest their gold. 

However, the reasons will be never-ending for people to take care of their needs. It is a universal thing that people will always find resources to manage their expenses. When the need arises people either look within their financial reach or go for third party borrowing. People many times don’t realize that when they go for third party borrowing, they pay huge amounts of interest rates which makes their disposable income almost negligible. 

The financial entities give credit based on the customer’s financial background and income capabilities. There have been scenarios where the banks have refused to lend the middle class for their lack of ability to payback.

Therefore, the people turn to their existing resources, the resources which they can encash.

The most favorable asset is gold, which gives the highest returns on its value. In any case, people choose to encash gold over any other precious metal, because in the demography like India, there is plenty of household gold in the form of engagement rings, jewellery, diamond, wedding rings, necklace, men’s wedding bands, bracelet, diamond rings, and gold chain, etc. 

The majority of people are aware of the power of cash for gold but many are not aware that they can do some mistakes while they decide to get instant cash for gold.


Avoiding Mistakes

1. The first and foremost mistake a customer can do is to not go to the dealer/jeweller they bought it from, it is advisable to go to that jewellery provider because the majority of the ornament dealers have the service of a buyback. 


2. Any amount of financial emergency must not hinder the process of a smart buyback, it is a process where the value of gold is realized at its full potential. You must know what is the aspects such as karat value, hallmarking and purity of the gold. When you have this information, you will surely get a good price for your gold. 


3. The financial emergencies never let you think through the process of selling gold, but it is always advisable to never sell your gold to your first seller, you can come back to the first seller always, but you must do the market research properly and get the best value for your gold.


4. Whenever you have high-quality jewellery you can expect a good return but if you know that your jewellery is damaged, do not expect an extravagant amount.

5. The most common mistake is selling the gold to an unprofessional gold buyer, going to a professional gold buyer is the best way to get good pricing for your gold jewellery and the right information. Professional gold buyers can accurately measure the value of your ornaments and know the market conditions. Get the help of a trusted gold buyer to sell your gold for cash


Always know beforehand how much time the payment for gold will take place so that you do not get stuck in a loop. Be aware of your gold’s worth and use it wisely.

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