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In conventional society, gold has not only been considered of aesthetic value but also seen as a means of credible investment

In conventional society, gold has not only been considered of aesthetic value but also seen as a means of credible investment. This is a notion across the world, especially in Indian sub-continent. But what makes gold such an important investment, even when it does not provide with any interest or dividends. Let’s look at some of the factors that make gold a sought-after choice to invest in:


Easily exchanged

  1.  No matter where you are on the face of this earth, you can easily exchange gold for cash. Gold has a universality that no other metal possesses.

  1. Value is retained
  1.  Gold has a quality of maintaining its value over time. Some economists are of the view that even the price of gold is not indicative of its worth. Even though the price of gold decreases, the basic value of gold does not change much.
  1. A shield against inflation
  1. Gold prices tend to rise during inflation. As gold is priced in U.S. dollars, any decrease in the dollar will lead to an increase in the price of gold. Therefore, during inflation, possessing gold will lead to a better return on investment than cash.
  1. Universally accepted
  1.  A universal commodity, gold has an edge over other countries’ currency futures, treasuries, and other securities.
  1. High Demand of gold
  1.  Gold is often used in the production of various products including jewellery and clothes which is an added advantage in investing in Gold. Furthermore, the high demand can push the price of Gold.

Investing in gold is not just about buying gold jewellery or gold coins. If you are really looking to invest in gold, then you should explore your options. Investment in gold can be done in various forms such as Gold ETFs, Gold Mining Stocks, Physical Gold, Gold Bars and Coins, Equity-Based Gold Funds, etc.

These options can prove to be a better investment option because when you decide to sell these off, you do not have to compromise on the making charges of jewellery. Gold has proven to be a reliable alternative to loans or stocks as there is no extra burden of interest and no underlying risk. So, if you are looking forward to investing in gold, go ahead and make the most out of this precious metal.

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