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Minsara focuses on providing an easy solution for encashing the valuable assets of every customer. 

We work towards providing cash in exchange for your assets and a fair value for your precious ornaments.

At Minsara, we follow a fast, transparent and trustworthy process of evaluation and give instant payment for Gold and other precious assets.

Our evaluation of gold is done by a German-based purity analysing machine and instant cash is provided on the basis of the same evaluation.

Minsara is an initiative by Manuvel Malabar Enterprise and we share their experience of two decades in the sphere of trading gold, diamond, silver, precious stones and semi-precious stones. We also take pride in sharing that experience with you.

Minsara Instant Cash For Gold


Our aim is to make people aware of the true worth of their gold and provide them with the best value for it. We aspire to alleviate the prevalent system of pledging gold as it creates more trouble for the people. With our customer-friendly and empathetic approach towards people’s need of selling gold, we aim at providing an easy and fast experience of the whole process.



Minsara is a division of Manuvel Malabar Enterprise. Manuvel Malabar Enterprise is a gold jewelry outlet based in NCR, involved in the industry of gold and diamond over two decades. They have an outlet at INA Market, which is one of the most prime locations of South Delhi and also one at Dwarka.

Minsara Instant Cash For Gold


Minsara is home to opportunities where customers’ needs come first. Be it your dream home or question of your child’s career, we are here to help you get through all your needs. 

Besides offering the best value for your assets, we maintain a transparent procedure. Our customer friendly approach and trained professionals make the process of selling gold quick and hassle-free. 

We test the gold with XRF technology which measures the gold precisely with no dubiety whatsoever. The testing is done in front of you so that you are completely satisfied with the whole process. 

With an aim to organize the haphazard nature of encashing gold, we are a place where you can entrust your gold without any apprehensions.z