Minsara cash for gold

Why is it wiser to invest in Gold Coins rather than Gold Jewellery?

Needless to stay Indians love gold and when it comes to investing, gold is their answer. People prefer buying gold because of their high liquidity, and good resale value attached to it. Gold performs as a multi utility asset with negligible maintenance unlike other assets such as houses, property, shares...

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Sell Gold

Rise In Gold Price

Gold price is constantly rising, now currently at Rs. 55,000/10gm which was last seen in 2011. It is very clear that nothing and no one can stop the rise of GOLD. It is about Rs. 55,000/10gm. LONEST WINNING STREAK Gold price has been constantly rising since 2012. Gold investors think...

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Why Gold Is The Supreme Asset

It’s natural and even smart to question if an asset is a good investment or not. Of all the things, an investor should keep this question as the top-most priority. Gold has been a popular investment throughout years. Owing to its value, it attracts a lot of attention. As the...

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Factors that influence Gold Rate

How the value of Gold changes over time

Gold is the most precious metal in India. With a yearly demand equivalent to about 25% of worldwide, it makes India one of the largest consumers of gold. From festivals to weddings to birthdays, no auspicious occasion goes by without making use of this metal. Other than being an auspicious...

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