It won’t be an exaggeration to say that buying gold jewellery is a tradition in India. Not only for oneself, but for gifting purpose as well. Be it any festival, an auspicious occasion or an achievement in life, gold is widely considered equivalent to good luck. However, it doesn’t always come into use often and are locked away in safe. This can lead to entanglement of pieces and sometimes lead to damage or missing few elements from the main piece of jewellery.

A necklace that’s entangled?

An earring without its mate?

A bangle that’s damaged?

A ring that’s lost its stone?

An earring without its fixture?

Gold is a metal that doesn’t lose its value even if it’s broken. If you are in an impression that broken, old-fashioned or damaged gold jewellery isn’t bought – then you are highly mistaken. While selling gold jewellery, it’s not its appearance, condition or design that matters, but only its weight and purity. The purer your jewellery is, the better price you get for it. The more your jewellery weighs, the more money you encash in exchange for it.

However, few things do need to be looked after while trading your gold –

  1. Keep pieces of different carat separate because if you take all your jewellery in together, it’ll get weighed together and you’ll receive a lower price for the same amount of gold.
  2. Know what you have. If your jewellery was designed by a renowned designer, you’ll get a higher price for it.
  3. Due to the high possibility of getting tricked, always go to a trusted jeweller.

Well, we’re here to ease it out for you. We, at Minsara, are proud of our ethical ways of handling your assets and assuring the correct value in exchange of gold. We accept all kinds of jewellery – old, new, used, unused or damaged. Using the XRF machine, we accurately measure the purity of your gold and calculate the best and highest value for it. Available at various outlets in Delhi-NCR, experience encashing your gold in 1 minute.

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