The amount which we pay you is dependent on the purity of the gold. Minsara has the most modern and authentic XRF technology.
Yes, we have in-total four stores across Delhi-NCR. They are located in Kalkaji, Nehru Place and Dwarka in Delhi and Atta Market in Noida. For further details, please visit our branches, online page, or feel free to call our customer support toll free number.
We safely remove and hand over other gemstones to the customers. Extra value can be provided for them. The value might vary from time to time.
You can sell your gold, silver and diamond jewellery, your gold or silver coins and bars.
We believe in the customer satisfaction. We have specifically designed cabins for the testing of gold. The testing is done in front of the customer. We are built upon the values of trust and transparency. Even after testing if you choose not to sell your gold to us, we won’t charge you.
The customer is our priority. After the testing is done, it depends on the customer whether they would like to sell their gold or not.
One photo ID proof, one address proof and the PAN card.
We deal according to the customer’s needs. We ease-up the process of Gold-deal
We keep a margin of 1 % for wastage in the ornaments and the rest is calculated with the existing gold rates depending on the carat of the gold.
Yes, it’ll be obtained from the customer.