Getting cash for gold is as easy as the finger-snap

When you are in an urgent need of money, you don’t always have to rush and get into debts or any kind of scam. When gold is there, why the fear. When you decide to encash your gold, you can usually sell broken/old/unused jewellery. Yes, that broken gold bracelet or silver earring which you have kept for so long but can’t get it repaired can also help you in times of your need. Honestly, we understand your anxiousness of ending up being scammed because some buyers have the tendency to exploit you in your urgent need. But if you be aware and do your research, you can certainly make it work without getting duped. 




Before getting started with the process, do the research of finding a suitable and trusted buyer who measures the accurate value of your gold. Your gold is your asset which should not be taken advantage of. You have the liberty to test several buyers on their integrity and accuracy and how much are they willing to offer. Get different quotations for your gold and assess which value suits best for you.



Keep A Check On Your Asset

Whenever you go to any shop to sell your gold, remember to ask them to weigh it in front of you. It often happens that the buyer takes the gold away from your eyes with an excuse to weigh it. In such instances, it may happen that the customer gets duped. To avoid any such mishappening, ask the buyer to weight your asset right infront of your eyes.





Do away with all the hassle and fear of getting duped. At Minsara, we understand that Gold is not only your asset but your investment. 

We follow a strict protocol of the whole gold encashing process. For jewellery testing, we use XRF (X-ray fluorescence) machine. Other than gold, we accept silver, diamond, and other precious stones as well even if they are old, broken, new or damaged. To ensure safety from both sides, the process involves easy documentation, leaving no chance of any fraudulent activity. We accurately calculate the gold value and quote you the best price possible. Our process is easy and transparent which is trusted upon.




Bring old, weary or damaged jewellery 

Get it measured by XRF machine

After evaluating gold’s purity, we quote the best price possible

Get instant money with this easy and transparent process  


Looking Forward to serving You!!






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