Maximum value for your jewels

In recent times the market is full of options where you can sell your valuables for getting cash in exchange. We have always focussed on the jewellery but there are much instant cash for gold and encash gold services which provide you cash on selling the precious stones also. 


The services like cash for gold, gold loan services, private buyers, pawn shops and jewellery shops offer different values for the jewels.

You can sell gold, put gold coins for sale online and know the right gold price by reaching out to them and sell gold for cash and the gemstones attached with the jewellery.

With these many options, one has to be precise and careful of selling the precious gems. The one where you get maximum value for your valuables and get the maximum benefit out of it. In many cases, you can opt for the store credits also. 


The factors which are to be kept in mind while selling the precious stones or valuables are important because then only you get good returns.


Due to their rare nature, the jewels are hard to find but easy to encash. You get the maximum value sometimes just by the face of it or by the right contacts through authentic buyers.

You can only be sure when the gem buyer is totally familiar and trustworthy. One advisory is that you should always keep the invoice with you and the warranty cards and the purity certificates, this makes your job of selling it very easy. 


The factors involved in the process of getting cash from jewels are very simple and precise, these can be taken care of, and are in your own control, just keep in mind that you: –


1.Know your product 

The rarest jewel brings the most value, it is true that gems are of many types. One gets to know its value by showing the gem to various buyers.


After many hits and trials, you can be sure of the value of your gem for example what weight brings how much cash. When you sell any valuable you must expect 90% to 95% of the value of that precious item. 


If the gemstones are of high brand value you must not sell it in the regular market rates, you can get the best rates by the brand name. Always include what prices you expect while you go for selling the item.


2.Have your Research handy

The best way is by going to different vendors, especially go to jewellery shops which not only are professional but are very fast in their services. 


When the jewellers measure it, you get to know the diameter of the gemstone, carat value, carat weight and, the colours, the rarer the colour higher the value of the gem.


You can also go for auctioning the gold online, you can list the valuable, mention the details and the highest value you get is the what you should go for. Many times the offers which auctions provide are more lucrative than what unauthorised gold buyers give you. 


3.Be aware of the counterfeiting 

The unauthorised shops for buying your gemstones will neither benefit you or the economy in the larger picture. It is best if you sell the gemstones from the shop where you bought from it. 


Reliable buyers will always test your gems for free and will test it in front of your eyes.  Be sure that you read online reviews about the buyer.

The people never shy away online when they have to be honest about the services they experience. 


4.Choose the best 

Always go for the buyer who gives you a good time to decide on your deal. When you accept or reject any offers, you should decide whether if you’d rather get cash for gold or would also agree to a deal. You may get store credits from many jewellery stores as offers. 


If you plan to purchase another ornament in exchange for your gold or gemstones, this deal may prove to be worth more to you than a cash offer. There must be no hurry and you have to be sure for the deal. 

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