‘Old is Gold’ but Gold is never old

‘Old is Gold’ but Gold is never old

‘Old is Gold’- one can’t even recall how many times this phrase has been heard or said. This pictures the true value and worth of all the old things associated with our lives. Calling them GOLD, metaphorise their value. This also depicts the position of superiority, Gold has in our lives.

Gold is the most valuable of metals because it never gets old. In fact, with time the value and use of gold increases. No matter in what form one owns it, even a small piece of it is worth of thousands. And we all know and agree to it. That’s why gold has always been the topmost investment priority among people.

Majorly, the gold market retains an upward trend of price growth. Which is why, it has always been the first choice of people looking for investments. Its high liquidity capacity is also one of the reasons that people take in consideration while investing in gold.

Those who had purchased gold in the past are the happiest of investors, despite of the slowdown in the economy.  In this time of crisis, it is their treasured gold which is giving them a ray of hope; to re-establish what is lost and to have a fresh start. People are digging their closets for old or broken gold jewellery which has lost its relevance in terms of fashion, but hold its true value and they can now encash it.

At Minsara, we offer people the best price for encashing their gold, because we value their emotions and their need.  With a gold evaluator, we check the purity of gold which helps us in accurately measuring the price of gold. Visit your nearest Minsara store to encash your gold now.

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