Minsara Release Pledged Gold Noida
Minsara release pledged gold


Gold has always been a very helpful friend in times of need. But it can prove to be fruitful only when you know how to put it to right use. Mortgaging your gold to banks or some familiar ‘Sethji’ not only incurs loss but also creates new problems. As the interest keeps increasing it becomes difficult to release that gold. Eventually, you spend your hard- earned money for getting your precious ornaments back and that can be a tedious process. We at Minsara, provide you with an option to get your pledged gold released and sell it to get the maximum benefit out of it.

How Minsara Can Help You?

We strive towards lessening your burden because the needs of our customers are our foremost concern. If you’re unable to get your precious ornaments back, we pay the required money to release your pledged gold and repurchase it. You can retrieve your pledged gold anytime at your own convenience.

What We Purchase?

We provide instant cash against unused/old/broken gold jewellery. If you have pledged your gold and are unable to release it, you can visit one of our closest outlets near you in Delhi-NCR.

We Encash The Following Assets

Antique Gold, Gold Necklaces, Gold Bracelets, Pure Gold, Gold Bars, Gold Coins, Fashion Gold Jewellery, All kinds of Precious Stones, Silver Jewellery.

Minsara Instant Cash For Gold


We wholeheartedly dedicate ourselves to the service of our customers. Making the process of encashing gold easy and transparent for every customer is of prime importance for us. We promise to value your assets and live up to the faith you entrust in us.