Minsara Terms and Conditions Noida


Our purchasing rates range from no less than 100 mg for gold and 100gm for silver articles.
Minsara also purchases old, second-hand, harmed or unused gold and silver ornaments.
We offer the money for gold, silver, precious gems and assets on the spot.
The payment of the customer is done through cash or cheque based on the amount of the assets.

Selling of stolen goods is a punishable offence under the Indian Penal Code.

We will not buy any stolen articles.

Before making any payment for the gold, we will take a declaration on the ownership of the gold articles or ornaments.

Copy of the PAN Card is mandatory for the sale of gold worth more than Rs.2,00,000/- at MINSARA.

No cash payment shall be made for purchases worth Rs. 10,000/- or more.

Consent has to be provided for removing stones from the ornaments.

After providing consent to remove precious stones or to melt gold for the analysis of purity and weight, MINSARA is not to be held responsible to put the same back in its original shape.

If any loss of weight or damage occurs after giving consent, the company is not responsible for making any compensation for such losses.

Goods once sold to MINSARA shall not be returned if the same is processed and melted.

KYC needs to be provided for all transactions with MINSARA.


Payment Modes
Money, Cheque and NEFT/RTGS (on the web) exchanged, administration accessible.

We use German XRF Technology for checking quality and innovation. With its assistance, we achieve the best of incentive for your sale-able jewellery.