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1.Online Price Evaluation 

There is one worry or we can say hassle in the minds of customers or the gold seller that they might have to carry the gold for its evaluation. Since gold is much precious metals, there is a reason people might not want to go long distances with it. In this case, the best way possible for the customer is to get it evaluated with the local jeweller and get to know the weight. ​

When you get to know the weight of your gold, you can get to know the prices by adding the weight in our site, minsara.in


2.No Charge on Evaluation 

For any decision to sell gold, the main idea a customer is to get its weight and quality. There might be possibilities when the local jewellers might charge a fee for weighing your gold. However, the process of evaluation has gone digital with XRF machines. There is no manual labour involved in the process. There is only one thing to be done, that takes your gold and let the machine evaluate its quality. ​


MINSARA has the world’s best quality XRF machine which gives you, your gold’s quality in your presence and doesn’t even charge extra.


3.Best value for your gold 

After you have calculated and got to know the quality of your gold, the next step for you is to know where you’ll be getting the right value of it.  


The greater number of cash for gold services the more varied the prices can get. As each service has its own standards and procedures of working and calculating the price, it is varied. 


Though you should always get to know the comparative price. 


Always go with the one that cuts the least interest rate. MISNARA promises you that you will always get the best value when you come at MINSARA. ​


We know how important it is for the customer to get the best value and we give take the least and give out the best.


4.Instant Cash in One minute 

When you go for getting cash against your gold, there might be a time crunch, there would be situations where you would be in a need of cash. That too, as soon as possible. The context here is in what timeline can the gold encash service work like.

gives you the money for gold in a minute, that’s possible because of the technological advancement we have.


5.Best interest rates 

The best interest rate at MINSARA means that you get the right amount of cash for your gold. The cuts in the cash are very less and the amount you get is the maximum. That’s where we stand in saying that you get the maximum value for your gold.  


At MINSARA, there is the least hassle in using the gold encash service

the maximum value is what gets here. With our Bonafede terms and conditions, it is very easy for you to get maximum value for your gold.


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